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       Our current home page picture is a shot of my holdback female from "Sib".  One of the 'Fab 5', as the litter was nicknamed.  At 2 yrs old now, she has developed into one of the nicest Textbook examples I've ever seen.  


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Hello Hello and welcome to Awesome Arboreals.  My name is Tony Nicoli and I live in the wonderful state of Florida with my beautiful wife Pamela. I specialize in only one species of reptile: Emerald Tree Boas. In the past, I kept a variety of herps, but after acquiring my first Emerald I was hooked. I've been interested in arboreal animals ever since I was a little boy. Seeing those magical animals draped through out the branches of trees always captivated my imagination.


Hello I've been working with Emerald Tree Boas now for over 13 years.  During that time I have been able to accumulate, through careful acquisitions and selective breeding, some of the most exotic and beautiful animals I could have ever imagined. In the following pages you will see some very interesting bloodlines as well as some beautiful specimens of both known and unknown localities. You will also see some very interesting color morphs as well, including the only "Black Emeralds" I have ever seen.   Hope you enjoy your visit.


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